Public Programs


Join entrepreneur, educator, and experimental filmmaker Nesanet Teshager Abegaze for a public program grounded in storytelling and paying homage to choreographer and video artist Blondell Cummings.

During Blondell Cummings’s career she created a series of dance works titled Food for Thought. These works included a suite of performances collected on a single tape that represented Cummings’s kinetic meditation on the importance and specificity of food. In many of Cummings’s other dance works she often used meals and food as the basis for her dances, and the themes they explored. For Cummings, food was an entry point by which she explored not only her own life stories but also those of others. This program series features women, Korsha Wilson, Jazmin Urrea and Nesanet Abegaze, who also use food as a way to share stories, cultures and understanding. Coming from diverse practices like sculpting, film, and writing these three women each use food and storytelling in tandem in their practices. During this program, Nesanet will share a story, one of her own or one she has encountered in a manner that best reflects her practice and thoughts about food and storytelling. The program will be followed by a brief Q&A session with Nesanet and A+P’s Public Programs and Exhibitions Manager Joshua Oduga, and attendees of the virtual program.

This program will be shared via A+P’s website as a pre-recorded program on November 16, 2021 at 4:00 PM. We will archive the program along with the others in the program series Food for Thought: A Toast to Blondell via A+P’s YouTube page for future viewing. This means that anyone interested in attending this program from anywhere in the world is welcome, all you need is an internet connection! No RSVP is necessary.

If you would like a reminder and information about future programs, please RSVP HERE. A link to view the program will be emailed to all of those on the RSVP list on November 16, 2021.