Review: Alex Da Corte set Pop aflame at Art + Practice

With its vivid colors, direct appeal to commerce and jaunty emphasis on diversionary amusement, Pop is not often regarded as one of the dark arts. The work of Alex Da Corte seems to be an exception to the rule.

A thread of deep, disquieting despair runs through the seemingly cheerful environment and eccentric theatrical props of “A Season in He’ll,” an elaborate installation at Art + Practice that forms the Philadelphia-based artist’s solo debut in Los Angeles.

Organized by out-going Hammer Museum curator Jamillah James, the three-room environment is illuminated from above by fluorescent lights in such candy colors as pink, orange and green. Yet, the candy is like something suspicious dropped into a kid’s Halloween trick-or-treat bag.

Da Corte builds an atmospheric narrative, and it’s bleak. Emotional razor blades lurk inside the shiny apple.

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